Southern California

The client’s company is a leading electricity provider in Southern California and a subsidiary of Edison International. The company provides electricity to about 15 million people in a service area of 50,000 square miles.

The client required the assistance of a Senior Cloud Consultant in creating and deploying multiple Secure Multitenant Flexpod Datacenter infrastructures and consulting on architecture. As a Senior Cloud Consultant, Enteriscloud specializes in installing and configuring cloud-based solutions for corporate clients.

Enteriscloud won the client’s trust because of its team’s expertise in Cloud Infrastructure Design & Implementation, Core Routing Infrastructure Design, Compute Infrastructure Design, Software Defined Network Design, Virtualization Infrastructure Design, and Storage Infrastructure Design. As part of our service, we designed and implemented converged infrastructures within the client’s network.

Google Cloud

The client (Google) offers cloud computing services powered by the same internal infrastructure that Google utilizes to create its products and services, such as Search, Gmail, Drive, and YouTube.

Cloud Network Architects were required to assess business and operational requirements, design and develop cloud architectures for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and implement its firewall rules on behalf of the client. As cloud network architects, we created, integrated, tested, deployed, and maintained networks.

With a wealth of expertise in developing cloud networks, the client chose Enteriscloud to be their service provider for a cloud network. We provide a wide range of consulting services, like designing, implementing, and maintaining Cloud infrastructures, Security Infrastructures, Virtualization Infrastructures, Computing Infrastructures, Storage Infrastructures, and Software Defined Networks (SDN). The company hired us to oversee the deployment of its global cloud and network architecture.


The client is a renowned company focused on healthcare performance improvement and is the largest provider of healthcare services in Dallas, USA.

The client required Cloud Solutions Architect Services to design, create, and link Cisco ACI, UCS, and other network devices, as well as to provide architectural guidance for new converged infrastructure deployment. Enteriscloud played a crucial role in the development, integration, testing, and deployment of converged infrastructure for Cloud Solutions.

We were selected as the client’s Cloud Solutions Architect because we have proficiency in cloud-related fields, such as Cloud Infrastructure Deployment, Security Framework Development, Core Network Routing Design, Virtualization Architecture Setup, Storage Solution Configuration, and Software-Defined Network Construction. Our firm specializes in crafting cloud-based architectures and implementing consolidated solutions for the customer.

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