Private Cloud Infrastructure

Building a private cloud enables all businesses, including those in highly regulated industries, to use many of the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining security, control, and customization.

Why Private Cloud?

Many businesses prefer private cloud to public cloud (cloud computing services offered over shared infrastructure by multiple customers) because the private cloud is a more convenient (or the only) way to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Others prefer the private cloud because their workloads involve proprietary papers, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), medical records, financial data, or other sensitive information.

Benefits of Private Cloud

Full control

Customers who use a private cloud can purchase their hardware and software rather than the hardware and software offered by the cloud provider.

Freedom to Customize

Customers that use the private cloud can personalize their servers in any way they want, and they can customize software as needed using add-ons or custom development.


Because all workloads run behind the customer’s firewall, there is more visibility into security and access control.


When compared to on-premises infrastructure, private clouds often provide higher scalability.

Why EnterisCloud?

Enteriscloud helped several Fortune 500 companies set up their on-premises cloud infrastructure to cater to their unique needs due to security concerns about the public cloud. Companies that are most sensitive about the security of their data opt for the private cloud. Enteriscloud provides services from the complete set-up of infrastructure and software solutions to manage, security and maintenance.

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