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Software as a service (SaaS), sometimes known as cloud software, is a software distribution technique in which a vendor or service provider hosts applications remotely and makes them available to clients over a network. To put it another way, instead of buying software, people rent it. Most SaaS providers offer a usage-based subscription that can be purchased monthly or annually. Although it differs from the usual method of purchasing software, SaaS can offer considerable business benefits. Many software vendors are adding SaaS features as cloud computing becomes more integrated, resulting in significant gains.

Developers and businesses have used Enteriscloud’s infrastructure to deploy SaaS products. EES provides free consultations and trials so that you can try out our services before you commit.

Adavantages of Cloud Software or SaaS


Small businesses can profit from SaaS since it allows them to obtain expensive, high-powered software that would otherwise be out of reach through traditional purchasing methods. In addition, the subscription-based model avoids the substantial financial risk that comes with expensive software.

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It’s as simple as having an internet connection and checking in to use SaaS services. Your IT department’s maintenance responsibilities are also shifted to the vendor. To replace traditional Software, this avoids the requirement for additional work hours and downtime.

Accessibility and Scalability

Changing your usage plan is straightforward and can be done without warning because a third-party provider hosts the Software. In addition, web-based access allows members to access the Software from any computer with an internet connection.


Using the standard software installation method, updates might take a long time and cost a lot of money. Worse, differences in version among team members may cause compatibility issues and wasted work. On the other hand, subscribers to SaaS can log on to services that have already been upgraded.​

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