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The client (Google) offers cloud computing services powered by the same internal infrastructure that Google utilizes to create its products and services, such as Search, Gmail, Drive, and YouTube.

Cloud Network Architects were required to assess business and operational requirements, design and develop cloud architectures for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and implement its firewall rules on behalf of the client. As cloud network architects, we created, integrated, tested, deployed, and maintained networks.

With a wealth of expertise in developing cloud networks, the client chose Enteriscloud to be their service provider for a cloud network. We provide a wide range of consulting services, like designing, implementing, and maintaining Cloud infrastructures, Security Infrastructures, Virtualization Infrastructures, Computing Infrastructures, Storage Infrastructures, and Software Defined Networks (SDN). The company hired us to oversee the deployment of its global cloud and network architecture.


The architects of our firm developed a comprehensive strategy to assist the client in redesigning and implementing their network architecture, which included the following:

Configure and implement advanced BGP Routing between on-premises Firewalls and Routers and GCP Cloud Routers/Third Party Routing Appliances on the GCP Cloud.

Set up and implement Kubernetes (GKE) clusters on GCP

Developed the Google VMware Engine (GCVE) and implemented it

Migrated data centers to GCP, GKE, and GCVE from on-premises environments

Transformed and migrated applications from on-premises datacenters to GCP, GKE, and GCVE.

Establish and managed GCP organizations, projects, and roles

GCP Cloud DNS design and implementation

Managed the migration of on-premises DNS to the cloud

Accessed and deployed GCP Cloud NAT, Cloud Armor, and Cloud CDN

An F5 with API HA Failover was designed and implemented on GCP

Plan and implement Fortigate Firewall with High Availability on GCP

Our experienced team at Enteriscloud was responsible for every element of the design, implementation, and DevOps procedure, from choosing suitable architectures and security measures to assisting our client in executing new features successfully. Enteriscloud discussed the client's needs using a spiral model. We also adopted agile project management techniques to better collaborate internally between teams, allowing us to respond quickly to changing input and requirements.


Concerning the Cloud Network architecture, the Enteriscloud team has developed and implemented Google Cloud Hybrid Network Connectivity, Google Cloud IPSEC VPNs, Google Cloud Disaster Recovery, VPC Network Peering, and Google Cloud IPSEC VPNs, along with Google Cloud Internal and External Load Balancers, High Availability and Disaster Recovery, and VPC Network Peering.

Enteriscloud continued its partnership with the customer for another two years after working on that first project together. Being responsible for maintaining, upgrading, and adding new features to the GCP Cloud infrastructure, our team has been delivering trust, not just services. With our cloud architecture services, the client has been able to scale their business, increase sales, and incorporate automation while lowering IT spending.


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