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Access to UCaaS features is now more critical than ever. Business communication is changing at a disruptive speed, which requires sophisticated call integrations that a voice-only solution cannot be supported.

Moreover, a growing percentage of employees are working on their own devices and remotely. At the same time, customers want quick service and brand experience.

If you are opting for Unified Communications Solutions (UCaaS), you will quickly be able to discover that the cloud-based UC’s abilities and benefits exceed those of conventional telephone systems.

Although UCaaS costs are a role, it is more a matter of whether or not to move to a cloud-based platform. Consider the following five UCaaS features (and benefits) and the potential of a new set of communication tools.

For any UCaaS platform, certain system features are needed. These speech capabilities offer a link between your employees and the outside world. Many UCaaS providers provide them as all-inclusive bundles or as add-ons à la carte.

Connectivity through PSTN

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connection is needed to interact with non-office people.

Without it, desk telephones can only communicate with other users connected to the same communications system. Cloud telephone systems offer internet-based, external, and domestic telephone connections.

You will not lose any conventional analog telephone functions. Data packets are readily translated to audio signals between PSTN and corporate VoIP systems. The commercial benefits of UCaaS Messaging are as follows: Cooperate at new levels.

Workplace collaboration today appears very different from just a few years ago. This is partially due to better communication options, such as instant messaging.

Messaging is an essential and extensively utilized UCaaS component. It allows workers to improve procedures and work better (e.g., by sending a short SMS to answer a colleague’s query or sharing ideas in a group conversation).

Mobile VoIP: Stay Connected Everywhere

Mobility is one of the most significant benefits of a cloud-based UC system. Workers need not be on their workstations for a call anymore, and they may utilize all business telephone features from their smartphones directly.

Employees with a corporate VIP connection may stay linked to their colleagues and customers on their smartphones and tablets and continue to work regardless of where they live.

In addition to voice, consider video conferencing

Video conferencing is an essential part of modern days business. A UCaaS system offers improved video quality and users the opportunity to participate from any device regardless of location.

Video conferencing promotes a more open and engaging communication environment – due to the visual presence of participants – in contrast with voice-only sessions.

Integrating business applications: Remove customer support guesses

With a UCaaS solution, you may link your favorite business apps to your VoIP discussion.

Notably, the status of an order and call notes, services, and support personnel can quickly understand and solve an issue by having access to a customer’s purchase history.

Service efficiency is more important than ever! The Hubspot research shows that customers have a 10-minute customer service threshold. In addition, 90% of consumers believe that a “fast response” is essential or very critical.

Call Center: Creating Memorable Client Encounters

Cloud-based UC contact center features such as sophisticated call routing and reports help businesses improve their customer interactions.

Sales teams can easily track prospects and speed up their journey toward a purchase decision.

In addition, customers who contact the business may connect quickly to the person concerned and provide an excellent brand experience.

UCaaS’s Top Business Benefits

The most significant benefits of UCaaS for businesses include:

  • Lower cost
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Robust security

Competitive Prices

The bulk of UCaaS solutions replaces many business apps you currently use and pay for.

This includes company VoIP services, group chat, video conferencing, and help desk services. You may get everything for less than $60 a month, rather than spending hundreds of dollars for each user.

Furthermore, UCaaS reduces the administrative overhead of maintaining a dozen different suppliers. Nextiva is the most cost-effective solution and has all the features businesses require.

A more pleasant Experience for Users

It becomes a single source of truth by concentrating communication on a single platform. Alarming research from Okta has shown that employees now use an average of 88 apps.

Everyone acts from the same consumer viewpoint rather than from separate apps.

You can offer a seamless customer experience at the fingertips of real-time data.

Extension of Scalability

It takes time to board new employees. It is considerably more complex when you work remotely.

Unified communications radically change the game for companies hungry for growth. Connection to the employee needs minimal technological resources. They are ready to go after downloading and logging into a mobile or laptop app.

You will not have to invest in costly telephone infrastructure as your staff expands. Thus, your efforts are focused on generating revenue rather than installing the server. The supplier of UCaaS handles the rest.

Safely Robust

Data security is a real problem, especially when moving to the cloud. UCaaS systems offer data security via 24-hour monitoring and encryption.

Account administrators may modify user settings and see detailed use logs to ensure you are fully controlled.

Make sure a UCaaS supplier has the relevant credentials to meet your requirements. Make sure they have communication tools that comply with HIPAA, PCI, and SOC 2 requirements.

The best features of UCaaS are at your fingertips.

In short, companies have numerous reasons to go to UCaaS.

For some, it is a way to ensure that employees and customers are on the same page. For others, it is a way of consolidating several communication apps into one. It may be the speed at which a company-wide deployment can be accomplished for many.

On one thing everyone agrees: UCaaS has a considerably greater capacity than traditional telephone networks. The days when technology can dictate how you work are gone. Unified Communications as a Service is not a futuristic idea; it is already a reality.

Distinguish yourself from rivals by working quicker and answering customer needs more quickly.


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