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Even in today’s digital world, users often prefer to contact customer service via phone. The urgency and familiarity of speaking with a live person establish trust between users and customer service representatives.

However, for many expanding businesses, handling phone assistance may be a big issue. While it is frequently an excellent approach to assist clients, it is also the most time-consuming, has budget constraints, and difficult-to-measure support channel.

You’ll need effective call center software that allows your service staff to do their best work if you want to provide excellent phone assistance to your clients. If this program is not installed, customers will be placed on hold, and employees will struggle to answer questions. Supervisors will be unable to control the commotion since they will be unaware of call volume or patterns.

The finest call center software directs calls to the appropriate agents, gives extra context to staff, and aids management in implementing an omnichannel strategy.

Choosing the proper tools to develop your call center is essential, whether you’re a team of 10 or a few hundred. This article delves into typical call center features and the top call center software alternatives available this year.

Cloud-based call center software is one domain that has different benefits like omnichannel, call routing,  CRM Integration for Customer Context, Cloud-Based Calling, Reporting, Out aging Calls, Usage Pricing, Interactive Voice Response, Call Scripting, and Escalation Management. Cloud-based call center software is utilized in the call centers; some of the best software are listed below:

Cloud-Based Call Center Software

  1. HubSpot
  2. Aircall
  3. Nextiva
  4. CloudTalk
  5. Bitrix24

HubSpot (Cloud-Based Call Center Software)

Look no further than HubSpot’s customer care software (Cloud-Based call center software)  and Service Hub whether you’re searching for sophisticated yet simple-to-use call center software.

HubSpot’s computer support solution is built on top of its premier CRM and related to its sales and marketing tools, and it’s associated with Aircall. That means the front-line worker has all the details they need to fix the issue right in front of them, regardless of who the client speaks with. Having all of this information in one place allows staff to provide a better client experience.

HubSpot’s call center software (Cloud-Based call center software) includes powerful automation capabilities and comprehensive reporting to help your team enhance customer experience consistently. A common email inbox, live chat software, and self-service capabilities are all included in Service Hub, and they all work smoothly with Aircall for phone assistance. Aircall’s monthly subscriptions start at $30 per user.

Businesses of all sizes can provide a great end-to-end customer experience across several channels by integrating HubSpot with Aircall’s cloud-based phone system.

Aircall (Cloud-Based Call Center Software)

Aircall, a cloud-based call center software, can assist your customer service staff in transforming client experiences. Some of the main features we discussed before, such as IVR, cloud-based calling, call routing, and more, are included in this program. Skills-based routing, call queuing, queue response, live call listening, and call quiet are all included in the program.

Managers may give behind-the-scenes advice and have an immediate effect using the call whispering function. This is beneficial to both the client experience and training.

Aircall also includes call center statistics, allowing you to track the performance of your employees individually or as a group.

Nextiva (Cloud-Based Call Center Software)

Nextiva is a simple solution that allows you to connect with more customers in less time while using fewer employees. IVR, automated call routing, and call queue are all available with Nextiva.

You may also improve agent call flow, use virtual agents to simplify conversations, and simplify the caller’s experiences.

CloudTalk (Cloud-Based Call Center Software)

ClouldTalk is a cutting-edge cloud-based call center software that gives users access to several unique capabilities. Its custom queue function, for example, allows support teams to choose how incoming calls will be dispersed. Inbound calls are directed to CloudTalk agents who are most qualified to handle the customer’s problem. This avoids phone transfers, which might be inconvenient for customers.

CloudTalk also offers personalized voicemails, which may be customized. Customers can leave voicemails for agents to respond to later if your team is unavailable. Customers will not be kept on hold for an indefinite period of time while waiting for a response from your staff. Instead, they may leave a message, go back to work, and wait for your staff to respond with a pre-planned solution.

Bitrix24 (Cloud-Based Call Center Software)

Bitrix24 is a contact center designed around your to-do list that lets teams interact to complete their tasks. They provide a variety of customer support options, such as rentable phone lines, live chat, and email queues, all of which are integrated into Bitrix24’s task management solutions and CRM. Bitrix24 also offers an on-premise option for businesses that are still compelled to host their own data storage or choose to do so.


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