AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure Market Share

AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure Market Share



Nowadays, cloud computing has become an essential part of modern data storage and manipulation. It is important for data protection, data storage, and performing tasks on that data. There are two main cloud computing types: Public cloud and Private cloud. 

The public cloud refers to the cloud services that an individual or an organization receives via the internet.

All the cloud reserves are stored on the cloud servers of the vendors, and the necessary services can be easily accessed from there. It can also be provided to multiple customers simultaneously and hence is named a public cloud.

Whereas private cloud solutions refer to cloud services that are completely designated to an individual or an organization. No other person is authorized to access that.

They are hosted by private cloud systems provided by the vendors and the cloud service providers. More than one customer cannot use a private cloud at a single time. In this topic, we discuss will AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure Market Share. 

AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure Cloud Services

The fight of being the best cloud service provider is largely between the three giants in the computing world, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The cloud services provided by Amazon are called Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Microsoft’s services regarding cloud computing are called Microsoft Azure. Besides, Google cloud services are known as Google cloud. 

This article also describes the in-depth differences between the three companies and their cloud services. 

AWS Cloud Services

AWS and Amazon are generally dominant compared to Microsoft and Google when it comes to providing complete cloud services and their overall maintenance. They are also the leaders in market shares as AWS and Amazon hold 33% of the market share in the cloud world. 

AWS has a vast toolset that continues to grow each year, and its dominance is unmatched yet. However, the services they provide can often get costly. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of AWS

AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure Market Share

Huge Scope

When it comes to cloud computing and providing cloud services, AWS has a huge scope, and no other company comes close to them regarding the variety and amount of cloud services they can provide.

Most Experienced

As the pioneers in starting general cloud services, Amazon and AWS possess more experience than any other company. They only are reputed quite highly.


Probably the weakest point of the AWS cloud services is the cost of their operations and how they are far more expensive than any other cloud service provider in the market.

Although the standard and quality of the products and their work are very high for many people, it can get too expensive.

However, the pros of the AWS cloud services far outweigh the cons and make it a leader in the AWS vs. Azure vs. Google cloud market share.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services 

Azure is the product launched by Microsoft, and it is majorly responsible for providing cloud services and acts as a cloud vendor. Azure is a close second to AWS and Amazon and has 18% of the market share. 

It gets second place in AWS vs. Azure vs. Google cloud market shares. Although Azure came quite late, its association with Microsoft proved vital. Hence it got a head start that some others may not have access to.

With the help of a leading tech company at its back, Azure is quickly transiting towards a better and more advanced cloud service vendor.

Advantages and disadvantages of Azure cloud Services

Affiliation with Microsoft

Azure’s affiliation with a company like Microsoft proves to be vital. Hence a lot of the customer and market of Microsoft is shared by Azure. The clients and customers trust Azure to be on the standards as they already have built trust with Microsoft.

Operational Costs 

Unlike AWS, Azure has way fewer operational costs and is a more economical approach to customers and clients.


One of the major reasons for Azure’s downfall is the variety they possess, and although the quality is up to the mark, the lack of vast features and variety is a big miss.

Google Cloud Services

Google is a leading tech giant globally and has also launched its cloud services known as Google cloud. Google cloud services are also highly appropriate for individuals and companies looking for a small number of cloud storage and services that are economical and user-friendly. 

Google cloud services are ranked third in the AWS vs. Azure vs. Google cloud market share. Google’s cloud services are all developed and maintained by Google itself. They have a high reputation in the market but are not quite enterprise-centric like the rest.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Cloud Services:

High Compute Offerings

Google cloud services offer high computing offerings to their customers and the organizations that partner with them. The services that they offer range from Big Data to Data Analytics and their cloud platforms.


The operational costs of the services provided by Google regarding the cloud are quite affordable. Organizations and companies prefer the services provided by Google just because of this fact alone.

Not Enterprise Friendly 

The major downside of the cloud platforms and services provided by Google is that they are not enterprise-friendly and don’t give much effort into working with enterprises. Hence, a huge market of enterprises that need cloud services and are thinking of shifting towards the cloud is not fond of them.


The major three competitors in the cloud world are Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. The cloud services they provide are of high standards, but they all have their pros and cons. It is all dependent on the client and customer’s choice and needs to decide which one is better. 

However, the market share of AWS is more than Azure and Google at 33% and leads the race in AWS vs Google cloud vs Azure market share. 


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